Christian Davis

Christian, who originally hails from Bath (England), moved to Roermond in 2014. He first found CrossFit as a tool to lose weight, although he had always played a variety of sports. After losing a lot of weight with a combination of CrossFit and nutrition Christian found that the daily challenges CrossFit presented and the benefits he got where far beyond other training methods he ever used and also far more enjoyable, so he continued his CrossFit training and has never looked back. 

Christian has, throughout different moments in his fitness journey, succeeded in adapting training and nutrition for fat loss, sports performance, muscle hypertrophy and gaining strength. He is passionate about helping others do the same, whatever goal you might have. So if you want to know how to lose fat, deadlift more, even how to get your first handstand push up or Toes2Bar, ask Christian.


• Fundamentals

• CrossFit level 1 Trainer Course
• REPS level 2 Fitness Instructor

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